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Article: Intel HD 5500 Architecture and Performance

HD 5500 block diagram

HD 5500 block diagram

In our first architecture analysis piece we take a look at Intel’s HD 5500 graphics, the mainstay of the 5th Generation Core line-up for Ultrabook systems.

Building on the foundations of the Haswell architecture launched in mid-2013, Broadwell shrinks it down to the company’s new 14nm manufacturing process – reducing die size and power consumption – whilst also introducing the company’s latest Gen 8 graphics architecture.

The first of the Ultrabook focused chips, known as ‘Broadwell-U’ were launched at CES in January 2015, with laptops utilising the HD 5500 graphics core arriving on the market in late January and early February – and it is these which we are looking at today.

Article: Intel HD 5500 Architecture and Performance

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