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Fixing flickering in Batman Arkham Knight on NVIDIA laptops

First up, a disclaimer – this has been tested on a couple laptops by myself and works for me. There are no guarantees or warranties offered and whilst the changes should not cause any harm to your game or computer I am not responsible if they do.

As with many people I’ve been frustrated by the state of the initial release of the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight, notably in the poor performance and compatibility on many systems, the worst I’ve experienced being the games complete inability to run on my on NVIDIA GeForce and Optimus (switchable graphics) equipped laptops – with the game loading minimised and then flickering constantly when selected from the taskbar.


I discovered that this problem appears to be down to an issue with the game running in “Fullscreen” mode on these systems, and that by editing the games config to start up at 1280×720, Windowed, I was able to load the title and then set it up to run in the “Windowed without Borders” mode which runs the game maximised at the screens current desktop resolution without issue.

There are some downsides to this, notably that the game will only run at the laptops desktop resolution – bad news if you have a high-DPI display and a GPU which cannot play the game well at that resolution – and performance will likely be lower than running in native fullscreen mode. It may however allow you to actually play the game, which is a definite bonus!

You can download the 1280×720, windowed, config file here:

Simply place the GFXSettings.BatmanArkhamKnight.xml file inside your Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham Knight\ folder and then customise your detail settings in-game, as per the video guide above.

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