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Lenovo B51-80 First Impressions and SSD/Memory upgrade guide


A quick look and first impressions of the Lenovo B51-80 laptop.

I’ve been quite a big fan of the Lenovo B50-80 and supplied a number of them to customers over the last year or so, and the B51-80 improves on that with a 500GB SSHD drive and 6th generation Core i5-6200U at a great value price.

As an added bonus the HDD and memory are easy to upgrade.

DiRT Rally Gameplay First Impressions


Something a little different for this channel – I’ve been a huge fan of the earlier entries in to the Colin McRae and DiRT series in the past, but largely lost interest after DiRT 3 shifted the focus away from rallying.

As the name DiRT Rally suggests, this game goes back to the series roots, so I thought I’d share my initial impressions after a few hours play.

Intel HD 520 Gaming – MGS V Phantom Pain


GeForce GT 820M Gaming – Dirty Bomb



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