Intel HD 4400 Gaming Performance – The Sims 4


A gameplay test looking at the performance of The Sims 4 running on Intel HD 4400 graphics. This test was run at 1366×768 at Medium Detail, with frame rates typically between 20-30fps, easily playable for this title. Frame rates could be increased if desired by lowering detail levels or the resolution.

You can find our video of the game running on other graphics solutions below:
Intel ‘Bay Trail’ HD –
Intel HD 3000 –
Intel HD 4400 –
Intel HD 4600 –
NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M:

Full system specifications:
Intel Core i5-4200U (2.6GHz, 2C4T, 15W)
Intel HD 4400 Graphics + NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M (Disabled)
4GB DDR3-1600
Intel 240GB SSD